union grove dentist

Our Mission

The Mission of our practice is to serve our patients by providing optimum oral health and quality care in a caring, comfortable environment. We are dedicated to excellence, personal growth, spiritual growth, and continuing education. In our health – centered practice we are devoted to the philosophy of maximum dental longevity — to have our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime in a state of health, function and pleasing appearance. On our continuous journey, we will practice with high ethical standards, integrity, empathy, mutual respect, and to celebrate life and all its blessings.

Our Philosophy

waiting room tim burgiss ddsOur philosophy is that all treatment rendered shall be of the highest quality in an atmosphere of open, honest communication. We desire to help our patients achieve the highest level of health that is in harmony with their values. We acknowledge that prevention is the key to success and disease control. Maintenance check-ups are the key to early diagnosis, prevention of tooth loss, and saving of unnecessary expense. Short-term problems such as cavities, infections, and gum disease must be controlled before long-term restorative needs are met. A thorough examination, diagnosis, master treatment plan, and patient education, and a master plan for health is the foundation in planning to keep teeth for a lifetime. Both the dental team and the patient have their own responsibilities in maintaining adequate dental fitness.

As we strive for excellence, we focus on total health and wellness for the entire person, not just their dental condition. As we strive to do our best, we must listen intently, communicate effectively, and be kind, caring, honest, and understanding in each of our relationships. Let us travel down this path together as we rejoice in each day we are given.